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Our Life with Horses

We have always been involved with horses, Pony Club, 4-H, breed associations, FFA etc… etc… there was no doubt that horses were always going to be a part of our lives.

Robert Powell and Becky Roberts

My husband, Robert “Bobby” Powell, bought me my first drink. We were at a horse show and he came over and asked if he could buy me something to drink. It was a Coke. I was ten and he was eight. That was 51 years ago. No, we have not always been together since then, we grew up and went our separate was until late spring of 2002, but we have been together ever since, and horses are a BIG part of that.

My love has always been Appaloosas, thanks to my mom and dad. They loved their color, and Bobby was Quarter Horse guy. So, Appaloosas it was, with some Quarter Horses thrown in. Being a Vet Tech most of my adult life, I learned a lot on taking care of animals and one of the most important lesson is preventative… accidents will always happen and being able to handle those situations is very valuable.

Bobby does the training and all the fixing, welding, and building, not to mention grows a pretty mean garden. Oh! Did I also mention he is the cook of the family.

We have 11 head of horses and seven dogs. At one time we were up to 24 head of horses. We stand two Appaloosa studs, A DREAM DUN RIGHT and A CATTY COOL SKIP, both are World Qualifiers and A CATTY COOL SKIP is a five time World Champion. We enjoy the working with our horses, I guess you could say it is GOOD THERAPY.

I remember as a little girl growing up with two brothers and a sister, dogs, horses, ducks and chickens, not to mention always bringing a stray anything home. We were always getting scraps and cuts, our mom always had an Aloe Vera plant growing in the kitchen. She would break a piece off, open it up, smeared it on us, gave it a kiss and away we would go.

So when ulcers started becoming more and more prevalent in horses, I was trying to find a way to help them without using chemical made drugs, for fear of side effects, positive drug tests at shows and competitions, and not to mention the cost!

Then I met Debra de la Torre and we started talking about Aloe, already familiar with the healing properties of Aloe I was all in on trying Aloe from Debra’s dad’s company, Pharm-Aloe, and so it began, after starting with the concentrate, then going to the economical pellets, the difference in our horses is amazing, attitude, appearance, and the benefits of the natural immune booster, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Now, I cannot imagine not using Pharm-Aloe… it is also awesome on our dogs!

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