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Helping You Help Your Horse

Pharm-Aloe Products

We started using Pharm-Aloe products on our horses in 2015 and have seen tremendous benefits. We wouldn't recommend something we haven't tried ourselves. Because of the improvements we have seen we are passionate about sharing Pharm-Aloe with the equine community.

Satisfied Owners. Happier Horses.


I feel confident feeding Pharm Aloe to keep my horses digestive tracks running at their best.  I believe the product soothes their intestines when they need medications that might otherwise upset them, and also to help absorb the valuable nutritional supplements that I give them to balance out the nutrients in their hay.

Kathleen Bellemare

Mariah Swallows

For the last 3 years Pharm-Aloe has become a staple supplement in the feeding regimen that I have all of my horses on.  I began by using it on our racehorses that were in training at the track.  The high stress that most racehorses experience can often make them prone to ulcers and/or colic.  Shortly after starting Pharm-Aloe, I realized that gastrointestinal issues were few and far between.  My horses were maintaining a great appetite and were having less health complications in general.  I believe it has helped maintain a healthy immune system and gastrointestinal function in each horse I have, both in training and out of training.”

Mariah Swallows

Ruben Archibeque

Pharm- Aloe’s aloe vera 4X CONCENTRATE has changed my life.  I am healthier and sleeping better since going through chemo and 4 yrs of illness with my body aching everywhere.


Pharm-Aloe has rejuvenated me and I’m able to work again.  My hair is growing back and not just in the patches as before.


Pharm-Aloe has helped my blood pressure, it dropped 32 points in four weeks, from 158/136 to 132/97 now.  I’m drinking 2 capfuls usually once a day.  Sometimes I take 1 capful in the morning and 1 capful in the afternoon.


I lost 12 lbs and am no longer using my CPAP machine.  I no longer take sleep medication because I now sleep very well.  My legs were very swollen and I had lost the feeling in my finger tips.  My legs are now normal and the feeling is back in my fingers.  I can concentrate now and my speech has improved.

Ruben Archibeque

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